Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Value of a Classical Education: What I Learned From The Trojan Horse

My 6 year-old daughter and I recently finished studying a Dorling-Kindersley children's version of The Iliad called The Trojan Horse. What did we learn from this book? We learned that if you're going to start a war in the Middle East, even if you think the other party deserves it, you better plan it out carefully. If you attack with superior fighters but don't think beforehand and you don't listen to your wisest advisors until after those superior fighters have committed war atrocities, then you're going to end up mired down in a bloody, costly war that will take at least ten years to win. Hmm.... Who could have benefited from knowing this? Maybe we should send a copy of The Trojan Horse to President Bush and every member of his Administration. It's written at a fourth grade level and has pretty pictures on ever page. Maybe it wouldn't be beyond their reading comprehension level. What do you think?


samuel said...

Do you mind if I link this to just about everyone I know? I'm laughing while shaking my head in dismay.

Lioness said...

You can link to any of my posts.