Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Guardian UK's Special Report on Modernism

Britain's Guardian UK has an excellent series up on Modern Art that really helps explain where a movement so bizarre came from. Modernism is a philosophy so counter-intuitive that it's proponents have equated decoration with crime. Hardly. A quarter million years ago our ancestors moved out of the trees and into caves, and do you know what the first thing they said was? "Honey, we've got to do something about these bare walls. We could paint a herd a buffalo here and some deer there, and carve a vagina over the entrance to the back cave. What do you think?" The impulse to decorate is what makes us human, not what makes us criminal. Only a hardcore monotheistic Fundamentalist would equate humanity with sin. Any cultural movement that tries to fight a quarter million years of human evolution, history, and conditioning is doomed.

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