Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I always said this place looks like the Serengeti

The local countryside is full of rolling pastures dotted by the occasional orchard tree. While the types of plants are different, the layout looks a lot like the plains of Africa.

Now it looks a lot more like Africa.

When Katrina hit the Coast, lots of refugees came here, bringing their livestock and pets with them. Local pastures were made available for displaced horses and other animals who needed it. Turns out some of the pets were a little more exotic then others. Someone brought up a menagerie that included lions and stored them in the next county. Some of the lions escaped. There is at least one mated pair missing, possibly others. (For some reason, the owners are rather reticent on that subject.) Lion tracks have been spotted near our house, and last night the the news reported that lions attacked and killed three goats in a pasture five miles from us.

We have small dogs in our backyard. And big piles of sand that overlook the neighbor's pasture full of newborn calves. And little girls, lets not forget them.



Myrtle said...

Have they found them yet? What are they doing to track them down?

Lioness said...


As far as we can tell, nothing. We may be behind on that information, though. If they follow the streams they should end up down in a temporarily dried-up swamp that has plenty of cover and food. They could easily stay there until the rainy season causes the swamp to fill back up, and they get their feet wet. But what will happen then? Nobody knows.