Friday, April 28, 2006

Our Serengeti Home: Part 2

Part 1

Our friendly neighborhood Katrina refugees, a mated pair (at least) of African lions who escaped from their temporary shelter, have not been seen lately. Apparently they're still in the more wooded county next door. I say that because something is causing the local predators over there to move over here.

Tests revealed that the big cat tracks next to the pen of dead goats down the road from us were panther tracks, not lion tracks. Last Saturday afternoon the cleaning lady at a nearby church arrived to find bear cubs playing in the church flower beds. She didn't bother looking for the mother bear; she turned her car around and left. And about half an hour ago my sister-in-law, who had come over for lunch, called me from her cell phone to tell me that a wolf or coyote had ran across the road in front of her car just after she left our house.

I've always known the major highway in front of our house was a protection against wild animals, but I meant snakes and raccoons. Not guest stars from Wild Kingdom!


Linda said...

Building a kraal.. now there's an interesting homeschool project! :p And doublechecking for the word I wanted for "thorn palisade" led me to this site, which you may enjoy:

Myrtle said...

Lions, and panthers, and bears! Oh my!

I've never had been lucky enough to have to ponder what sort of a shoot-gun I'd need take down a lion. This is unbelievable. It would make a great segment for NPR.