Friday, April 07, 2006

Among the things you can't find with Google... instructions for designing and sewing growth tucks.


GailV said...

Then where do you find them? Have you found them?

In my fantasy life, I sew most of my children's clothing, and growth tucks would certainly be handy. Of course, in my fantasy life I've also found all the perfect curriculum that's usable without tweaking, and the bathrooms are always clean.

Lioness said...

Yeah, I have those fantasies too. My fantasy life also has my children always well-behaved, the home-based business making enough money for dh to quit his day job, everyone has enough time to pursue all their interests, and I'm never, ever sleepy before bedtime.

Dressmaking and writing keep me sane. You can tell I haven't done enough sewing lately.

I didn't find them, so I let them find me. I started a thread at

Heather said...

Oh those fantasies. My current ones: my children always want to practice their violin, the ironing is caught up, everyone supports everyone else's education choices, the fridge is clean.

Sewing is my theropy too. DH often says let mommy sew then she will be refreshed to deal with us.

Andrea said...

Look in old sewing books. :) Most of the growth tucks I've seen are vertical ones, either along the hem of dresses, or on the bodice, between bust and waist.

One of my faves (although not that old) was Easy Sewing for Children by Leila Albala. It has patterns on a grid for enlarging, but loads of tips for including things like growth tucks and making clothing last longer.

Lioness said...

Thanks. Singer Sewing for Children didn't even mention growth tucks.