Sunday, April 02, 2006

Spring Break

It's finally warm and dry enough to declare Spring Break. We'll be off lessons for the next week or two, until it gets too hot or too rainy for the girls to want to play outside. At least Brighteyes will be off lessons, Sunshine says she wants to continue hers. Her lessons only last around 20 minutes, and include games.

Spring and Fall Breaks are when we switch over the wardrobes. This Spring I finally confirmed something I've suspected for a while, Brighteyes is not going to fit in ready-to-wear gracefully any longer. Her widths are Sizes 4 and 6, her lengths are Sizes 7, 8, and 11??(eek!) Sunshine may well stretch out the same way in a few years. I'm going to have to do some serious pattern alteration, and then sew like mad so they'll have clothes that fit. It looks like we're going to have to institute a new size in this house: B7, what Brighteyes was wearing when she turned 7.

Ah, well. It could be worse. In a few years she'll have breasts to alter for in addition to everything else.


Myrtle said...

I just did the summer clothes thing. It's Houston. It's hot and it's going to stay hot for the next seven months. Not one of my is in any recognizable standard size. What little that does fit them they will have outgrown by June and by then the national reatail chains will be stocking fall items. Maybe we can just run around naked until the average temp dips below 90.

Lioness said...

It isn't much cooler in Mississippi. Brighteyes specified, "very loose". Of course, making your own you get to use natural fibers. Putting on polyester in this weather is a punishment.

Heather said...

I'm sewing too. My little girl just says my clothes feel better than "store clothes". Ditto natural fibers. Cotton and linen Hurrah!

Lioness said...

Heather, that denim jacket you wore to the park when we first met just blew me away. It'll be years before I'm able to sew anything that fits that well, if ever.

heather said...

HeeHee Sorry, I can't take credit for that. Bought, on sale, one of those rare finds. Boy, I wish I could sew that well also. I'm making skirts, sundresses, and elastic-waist capris and shorts. Easy and fast.

Lioness said...

4 elastic-waist shorts -- I just finished the last two but I need some more elastic.

2 shirts, which will provide the bodice pattern for:

3 or 5 sundresses and

maybe 2 nightgowns

That's it. They're gonna have to make do with RTW for the rest of the season.