Monday, January 02, 2006

Today 6yo Brighteyes woke up and read books until breakfast. We had 2 hours of lessons, officially starting Minimus and culminating with Sargon of Sumer. Then she worked on a windmill she wanted to build and read more books. During lunch she wanted to discuss Vitamin D, Pompeii, Vesuvius, Cicero, evacuation routes, volcano formation and warning signs, seismographs and how they work, and the role of plate tectonics in the biosphere. After lunch she read some more, played outside, practiced her broomstick flying, quizzed Mom about "metaphors", climbed a tree, helped her sister up the tree, jumped out of the tree, got the water hose and soaked her tree-bound sister, and played some more. Then she came in and read about botany. Over supper she wanted to discuss Ancient Egypt, Modern Egypt, the various conquerors of Egypt, Alexander, and Alexander's military tactics and engineering feats. After supper she played with Legos and Geo-mags, took a bath, danced with her sister on Mommy's bed, then curled up with an herbal with plans to memorize all the herbs and make all the crafts, including the food, the herbal dyes, and the pot-pouri.

And this was a quiet day.

Ahh, the poor girl. Those 2 hours of lessons in the morning must be completely crippling her ability and inclination to learn anything on her own during the rest of the day.

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