Friday, January 06, 2006

First Friday

Our first Friday with a different schedule than the rest of the week was not a huge success. Try a crashing failure. Brighteyes says she loves Draw, Write, Now, but when we tried it she said it was too much work and threw such a temper tantrum it completely derailed the rest of the morning's lessons. That book gets put back up again. I'll try doing a relaxed Friday without it, but she might not be old enough for doing different lessons on different days. All in all, our "relaxed" Friday stressed us out totally.

Sunshine has spent most of her free time this week sitting down with Dover How to Draw books, especially How to Draw Dogs. Yesterday and today she brought them along to lessons and started working on drawing dogs. I gave her a piece of paper and let her at it. Signing her name and the date to each day's paper gave her practice writing her letters and numbers, and when her hand tired out from the drawing it was time for her reading lesson. Her dogs are getting more recognizable.

My husband thinks Sunshine will insist on a unit studies approach when she is older, so I'll have to see about adapting a classical to unit studies. I know other parents have done that as well.

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