Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sunshine finished the Jumpstart Jumbo Pre-K Workbook today. Put out by Scholastic, this is the only comprehensive curriculum we've seen that wasn't a complete waste of time and money. Since I've been mixing flavors on her whenever she got bored, she is also a day or so from completing Singapore Earlybird 1A. At this point she can write capital letters, but her numbers are still very shaky. We won't start Jumpstart Jumbo K Workbook until her numbers are better, because that starts with lower-case letters and she's not quite ready for that yet. We'll do Singapore Earlybird 2A, but that doesn't have much copywork, so we'll also practice writing a line of numbers and letters each day to work on her numbers. Something simple, like her phone number, or birthdays, or a line of an address. She is still very interested in drawing, and very frustrated at the inability of her hand to keep up with her brain. She'll be much happier when has the stamina to accomplish what she wants to do.

I also pulled out an abacus workbook I bought a year ago to see if she could get anything out of that. The first exercise called for photocopying on colored paper, cutting apart and double laminating 20 2" by 3" cards. With Brighteyes and Sunshine "helping". Without me blowing up at them. I know I racked up some brownie points somewhere for that one.


JC from NC said...

Just a thought -- you might want to consider signing up for that Amazon program where you put a button for Amazon on your site, and if people click through and buy a book there, you get a tiny kickback. You could incorporate that link into your hotlinks to books that you're linking to (on Amazon) anyway, and might make a little on the side.

This is not the clearest paragraph I've ever written, but hopefully it makes enough sense that you know what I'm talking about. :)

Lioness said...

I'm thinking about it, but our prior experience with Amazon hasn't been good. We had our jewelry up on an Amazon Merchants account for over a year, and not a single sale.

JC from NC said...

Hmmm... Well, I think Powell's and some of the other on-line bookstores have the same sort of program. You could do your link to those instead, if you just don't like Amazon.