Saturday, January 07, 2006

The New "Jews"

I thought there was a "mutton dressed as lamb" quality to Conservative hatemongering:

In a modest triumph of political re-packaging, crimes once held to be exclusively "Jewish" -- impiousness, disloyalty, cosmopolitanism, physical cowardice, sexual license, communism, etc. -- are now called "liberal." Maybe it's even progress of a kind, because liberalism's a voluntary state of mind, while the anti-Semitic undertones never go away.

I fail to see how any rehash of "The Articles of Zion" can be considered "progress", no matter who the target is. Especially not when the target is me.


JC from NC said...

It's a common lament that the neocons and religious right have managed to turn "liberal" into a dirty word. Liberals gave us the 5-day work week, minimum wages, no child labor, social security, public education and a host of other things that practically everyone is in favor of -- and yet somehow we've let ourselves become a symbol of Everything That's Gone Wrong With The US.

Sometimes I wish we could just have a liberal country of our own and let the rest have "Jesusland". When they find out that "ownership society" means "the corporations own you" maybe they'll wake up.

Lioness said...

That solution would be even worse than the current problem, for it would leave us with no America. While I too would rather wave a magic wand and make them all go away, I fear the only workable solution is engagement.