Friday, January 13, 2006

Minimus Worksheet Generator, Chapter 1 Part 1

The Minimus teacher's guide suggests you make your own worksheets for the students. This customization has it's benefits, but it takes time. Here are the possible sentences you can make with the vocabulary in the first section:

Who are you?
Who are you (plural)?
I am [name].
I am a [mother/father/daughter/son/small child/cat/mouse].
We are slaves.
I am in [place name].
We are in Vindolanda.
Mouse leaves.
[male or male noun] leaves.
Note well.

I don't know the rules for gendered nouns and verbs in Latin, but I think these are all safe. You can ask the child to translate a few of these into Latin, or you can give the child the Latin and ask for the English translation. I give Brighteyes a short list in English and the book and let her work it out for herself. That's enough written work for a six year old. She thinks its fun.

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