Friday, May 05, 2006

Runway Hysteria

There's nothing like a runway fashion show to remind one of just how foolish people can be when given the chance. In the name of "market research," my husband got me to sit down and watch the fall show of a major European designer. I was doing good for a while. I made it through the gargantuan hats with the tiny peephole in the brim so you could see out. I made it through the oversized fur hats that went halfway down the back. But the long-haired fur miniskirt was my undoing. I lost it completely at that point and never regained it.

Long-haired fur miniskirt!

Long-haired fur miniskirt!

ROFL! Long-haired fur miniskirt!


Unique said...

So, um...what color was the fur? :D

Lioness said...

*snicker* Ginger of course! With black tights, a slouchy charcoal top and black boots, so nothing would distract the eye.

It looked like an extremely long-haired fox.