Sunday, May 14, 2006

Gum Tree Festival

Saturday morning we went on a field trip with the Northeast Mississippi Rock and Gem Society to a limestone quarry on a fossilized sea bed. My husband discussed his upcoming soldering demo. The girls had fun running up and down collecting oyster shell fossils. I got a chance to speak to another adult while a third adult kept the girls busy several yards away. In short, a fun time was had by all.

That afternoon we went to the Gum Tree Festival. Previously this Festival has been dominated by the buy-and-resale crowd, but this year they gave those folks a separate show on the other side of town the week before. Only artists and crafters were showing their wares, in addition to a children's dance recital and a songwriting contest. There was a Children's Activity section as well, not as good as the one in the Delta had been but nothing to sneeze at. We sampled King's Barbecue, a local eatery -- good chicken, tough cole slaw. By then the girls were too tired even to go on the Moon Walk (excuse me, the "Wacky Castle"), so it was time to go home.

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