Sunday, May 28, 2006

Check-in time. My husband is finally through with school for the year. He and I were dragging badly by the end or the term, barely able to put one foot in front of the other. Now he's home for summer and concentrating on our home business.

We've also had a long-running virus that left us tired and thirsty, but otherwise fine. Luckily the girls don't seem to have caught it. I've had trouble finding time to write coherent posts though.

My husband made his first two stamped leather belts. The first belt was a black practice piece that came out streaky. It turns out that if you want to dye something a flat black you first have to dye it hot pink, then overdye it. So next time you see someone looking tough in black leather, just picture all that hide in the hot pink color it used to be. Hee!

The second belt was my Mother's Day gift. It's dark blue with a stars, moons, suns, dragons and pegusi stamped on it with silver accents. I like it a lot. I haven't had a belt I liked in years. Of course I've also got out of the habit of wearing belts, so I don't have anything to wear it with. Now I've got to sew up some pants or something with actual belt loops.

He's really getting into the leather and fur. The other day I mentioned making a new bedspread, and he wanted to buy a full-size buffalo hide to use instead. He thought it would be fun to watch the dogs bark at it. My brain shorted out. I'm just not ready for that yet.

Eventually I want to hit him up for a Sheridan-style tooled leather corset. Wouldn't that be something to see? But I'd have to sew it myself, and I don't know if my sewing skills are up to corsets yet.

I'm almost through with the girls' summer wear. There's just two dresses to finish, then a third dress and two bottle carriers to sew. Then my husband is getting a kimono in a grey print with black dragons on it and black-and-grey Japanese trim. Then I finally get to sew for me. Yay!

The girls went on their first joint sleepover Friday night, and did very well. It was the first time we had an evening to ourselves in six years. Unfortunately we were so tired and so sick about all we could do was watch a couple of episodes of Firefly. We tried to eat lunch out at a restaurant Saturday, but we were so sleepy and ran so late all we had time for was a Cola and some deli chicken at the grocery.

Eh, I've moaned and groaned enough. Time to do something about my problems, like go to bed.


Natalie said...

I'm still chuckling over the buffalo bed spread (and barking dogs).

Post some photos when you get a chance. I love your work (and his, of course). Will you be at the Craft Center any time soon?

Be well.

Ravin said...

I've spent the last couple of days reading your blog (the whole thing!) after finding a link to it on

I posted a link to it in my last blog entry because I liked it so much. I have a daughter who is 2 1/2 and I plan to classically hs her. You can bet I'll be checking back regularly--you're on my favorites list now.

Unique said...

Admit it. You're holding out for that fur miniskirt, aren't you?

You know you want one. :D

Lioness said...

Feh. Miniskirts are for toothpicks. I want to flaunt my curves.

Hmm. A fur corset? There's a thought....

Lioness said...

Natalie, we'll be scheduling a demo at the Craft Center sometime this month.

And we just registered for Chimneyville in December. I am so spazzing over what to pack.

Unique said...

A fur corset....hmmm, I see the possibilities. It could be the beginning of a trend.

Do you have pictures?

Lioness said...

A quick Google doesn't turn up anything I really like, but this one suggests possibilities

Unique said...

Hey, that's sporty. If you can wear that - more power to ya.

I know what would happen if I tried -

Lioness said...

Heh. That's why I'm thinking about custom-making one. These gals are too much for RTW.