Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Minimus Worksheet Templates, Chapter 3 Part 2

These are for use with Minimus Latin.

New Verbs: you read, you cook

New Conjunction: because

New Adgective: strong

New Adverb: always

New Exclamation: No!

Noun Bank: mother, father, daughter, son, small child, cat, mouse, sister, soul, birthday, gift, house, garden, dress, soldier, cloak, wasp, whale, dolphin, horse, rabbit, pig, dinner, fish sauce, elephant, swan, peacock, parrot, fish, bull, dog, cow, hen, fox, cat, frog, badger, bird, cheese, bedroom, sir, slave girl

Adjective Bank: famous, beautiful, dirty, messy, tired, excellent, fat, big, small, very big, very small, friendly, naughty, good, very good, clever, very clever, beautiful, lazy, energetic, new, strong

Verb Bank: I am, we are, you are (singular), you are (plural), is, are, will be, I have, sit (plural), come (singular), sit down (singular), get up, silent (plural), smiles (singular) you are doing, I am writing, you are writing, he/she is writing, they are writing, I am watching, he/she is watching, they are watching, I am cleaning, he/she is cleaning, I am reading, he/she is reading, I am sweeping, he/she is entering, they are working, they are smiling, you read, you cook

Verb Endings: I - o, you - s, he/she - t, they - nt

Adverb Bank: now, once upon a time, of course, especially, suddenly, always

Pronoun Bank: I, we, everyone, my

Conjunction Bank: and, but, because

Greetings Bank: Hello, Hello (plural), Goodbye, Dear (female), Dear (male), Dearest (female)

Exclamation Bank: yeah!, oh dear, No!

Negative Bank: not, don't, No!

New sentance structures:

(Noun) (Verb) because (Noun) (Nerb).
(Noun) is (Noun/Adjective) becasue (Noun) is (Noun/Adjective).


Patricia Mathews said...

I finally decided to clink on the "minimus" link, especially after I kept on hearing it as a blend between "minimum" and "Minnie Mouse" (which proved closer to the truth than I realized). It's delightful! (And especially Mme. Whiskers (Vibrissa) Thanks!

Patricia Mathews said...

P.S. Did the "dress Vibrissa and Minimus" and was amused to find out (from the pileus) that Minimus is a freedmouse.

Lioness said...

Right now we're doing the exercise where you do animal sounds with the correct verb endings.

"How does the puppy say, 'I bark'?"


"How does the kitty say, 'You purr'?"


It's hysterical!

Joyous said...

This sounds wonderful. Is there a source for the Minimus materials here in the U.S.? I was only able to find it from Amazon when i looked around and I was wondering if it was sold by anybody else (and possibly a bit cheaper).

Lioness said...

Try asking the Mimimus 2006 e-list on Yahoo groups.