Sunday, July 24, 2005

What They Teach You in School

This story comes from my daughters' RE (Sunday School Teacher). A cousin of hers was taking a truck driving course at the local Truck Driving School. The instructor had to be away for a week. The Regional Supervisor was going to be in town anyway for that week and took over the class.

The students were all adult men who either had or were getting their commercial drivers' licenses. When the Supervisor showed up to teach them, they all began acting up just like kids in school act up before a substitute teacher. They were old enough to know better, but their school training ran too deep for them to override it.

Regional Supervisors have a notoriously low tolerance for nonsense. This man looked at his class full of alleged adults and said, "Go home. This class is over. There is no business in this state that's willing to hire people who act as immature as that." He cancelled the rest of the class and put an ad in the paper for the next class that afternoon. My friend's cousin was barely able to talk his way into the next class, and he still had to start over at he beginning.

Sometimes it pays not to learn what they teach in the schools.

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