Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Getting Ready for Homeschool Day

We preparing for Mississippi Homeschool Day 2005 in Jackson this weekend. We'll pack up the kids, check out the T-Rex at the Mississippi Natural Science Museum, and get to meet a bunch of people we've been talking to online. My husband will be giving a lecture on how to teach algebra; he's posted his notes I'm over my illness but haven't regained my stamina yet, so I fear bloggage will be intermittent until next week.


Anonymous said...

It was fun meeting you at the conference. How did you like the T-Rex? My children really enjoyed it!

Nancy (w 3 little ones and dh in tow at the conf)

Lioness said...

Hi! It was great meeting you! We all loved "Sue" except for the 4yo, who preferred the fish. Both of them started campaigning to go back as soon as we got in the car.