Friday, July 22, 2005

Carpe Porkum

After an unusually nasty virus(?) I'm mostly healed, partially on my feet and arguably coherent. The good news is I got ice cream for breakfast for four days in a row. The bad news is it tasted like a saltwater slushie. The really good news is that apparently the girls didn't catch it. Yea!

But I really, really must get back on my exercise schedule. I dropped it over a year ago when morning lessons began taking longer, and I've noticed I don't have the energy I used to have. Maybe if I'd stayed with it I could have fought off this bug. That ought to motivate me back on my feet -- after I can stand up again that is.

Last weekend my husband and the girls stayed out of my hair by making a shepherd's sundial from _Nature Crafts for Kids_. They've had fun reading the time on sunny days when there wasn't a hurricane nearby.

This week Brighteyes had her morning biology class. It wasn't nearly as well run as the art class had been. The lecturers were disorganized and their material consisted of stuff we already had (the Schoolhouse Rock! DVD and the _Everybody Has a Body_ activity book) and stuff the library has (the Magic Schoolbus book on the human body). She has been very disappointed.

Sunshine has been reading the first Bob Books! set and wanted to play with the tiny puppets and puppet theatre that come with the box. I showed the girls had to turn their own drawings into stick puppets by cutting them out and stapling them to popsicle sticks. We're working on turning an box into a puppet theatre.

The highlight of the week came Tuesday evening with our "carpe porkum" moment. While I wandered aimlessly as a cloud in a painkiller-and-decongestant haze, Brighteyes' little silky terrier puppy seized the moment to seize the supper ham off the kitchen table. Then he hid, had an upset tummy, and made messes on the floor all night long. I knew I was on the road to recovery when I started laughing about it.

I've got to go now. I'm working on some longer posts, but right now there's a pile of laundry calling me and a pillow calling me louder.

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