Friday, July 01, 2005

Military Intelligence?

My husband knows a gentleman who was disabled while in the military and who has been on disability status for many years. This gentleman abruptly received a notice saying that he had been "rehabilitated" and ordering him to report for a two-year training program.

The training program is in basic bookkeeping and accounting. The gentleman is over 70 years old. A few months before the training program will end he will turn 72 and thus be qualified to retire from the military with full benefits, which he could not do while on disability status.

Obviously the military is aware of their desperate shortage of people who can count.


JC from NC said...

You have got to be kidding me. They're reduced to recalling 70-year-old accountants now?

P.S. Hi from the GG list. :)

Anonymous said...

let me test my understanding here . . .

in exchange for attending the training, this gentleman will retire on full benefits pension instead of disability benefits?

why would that be a bad thing?

and, congrats on your first publishing offer!


Lioness said...

Not bad from his point of view no. But it's ironic that they ordered him to report to an accounting class. From a strict accounting point of view, the whole thing is completely silly and not the least bit cost effective.