Monday, June 26, 2006

Business Begs State for More Regulation

Is there any surer sign that we're living in a Republican Administration? The Mississippi Health Department is getting terribly lax with restaurant inspections, and people are getting terribly sick. And the Governor is gunning for the Presidency, so you can look forward to his "special dinners" Coming Soon to a Restaurant Near You.


Nicholas D. Rosen said...

This suggests the benefits of private health code inspection. A private inspection service trding off its reputation would have an incesntive to maintain that reputation , or be replaced. A government agency may overregulate, or underregulate, or not concern itself much with the actual consequences so long as the procedures are followed, or levy fines on some people for bogus reasons while turning its back on serious problems elesewhere in exchange for bribes.

Lioness said...

Would that be anything like the "reputation" that private auditory agency Smith-Barney used to have? Or the "reputation" they now have?

Given that any public or private agency can be corrupted, I like to have their records where *I* can inspect them.

Nicholas D. Rosen said...

A private regulatory agent might find it helpful in maintaining its reputation to have its records be open for inspection.

Smith Barney doesn't particularly ring a bell, but I remember Arthur Andersen. After a few notable foul-ups, they were out of business. If they had been a government agency, they probably would have gotten a bigger budget to enable them to deal with the situation.