Sunday, June 04, 2006

15 Garments

4 pairs of shorts, 3 shirts, 2 nightgowns, and 6 dresses. That's how much I've sewn for the girls for their summer wardrobe. Not by any means the whole of it, but the way they keep growing up and not out I keep having to sew more for them every year. Looks like it will be even more in the fall.

I can see why families that sew a lot have restricted color choices too. I was tempted to restrict mine, but I'm trying to teach them to own their choices by picking out their own fabrics. Brighteyes informed me that her favorite color is no longer light pink. Light pink is for babies. Now it's hot pink. Sunshine experimented with yellow for a favorite color. It looks terrible on her, but I'd rather her find that out now with half a yard of $4.00/yd fabric that with a more expensive option later on.

I did restrict the patterns though. I used three of them. One shorts pattern for both girls, Sunshine just had less elastic. One shirt pattern for each girl. Shortened, the shirt became the bodice of a dress with a gathered skirt. Lengthened, it became a nightgown. I've got tons of patterns I could have used, but cutting it down to just three saved loads of time.

Now, I''ve got to sew a kimono for my husband. I found a grey-and-black Asian dragon print on sale, and I'll probably never find a more perfect fabric to make one out of. Then I get to sew for ME!


Weaver Brewer & Fam said...

i made 5 dresses and 8 pairs of boxers and felt like I did good. Congrats on getting girl stuff done. Good luck with getting to your stuff :)

Joyous said...

We did just the opposite. DD picked her patterns (with a little mom input), and I choose a collection of fabrics in her favorite colors. I wanted her entire summer wardrobe to work together (it ends up being much more cost effective that way). I, too, hope to get some summer clothes made for me before fall.