Thursday, August 18, 2005

Partner Review

My husband read last night's posts before coming to bed. I showed him the work Brighteyes had been doing in Singapore Math, where they were finding clever ways to get the student to match the equation or "sentence" as they call it ("8-2", "6+1") with the correct answer ("6", "7", "other"). He was impressed. "This lays the groundwork for the foundational principle of algebra in the first grade." Then he turned to me and said, "In the schools, they only try to teach one or two things a day at that age. How much are you covering? It sounds like you're riding her pretty hard."

"Um." I guiltily count the stack of books on the girls' table. "We only do one Big Project a day. We're covering, uh, eight subjects a day; but on any given day half of that is just reading or reinforcement."

"Still, learning four things a day is a lot of work."

"Yeah." I was quiet for a bit, then asked, "Can you imagine Brighteyes in a regular school setting where they only taught her one or two things a day?" No need to mention that Brighteyes is further along developmentally than he was at that age, and he has a 185 IQ.

"Eek! She'd go nuts. She'd wind up teaching US a thing or two."

Things none of us want to learn, I added to myself.

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