Saturday, August 13, 2005

Joke: What is homeschooling?

Homeschooling is an excuse for bookaholic* parents to buy more books.

*You know who you are.

I came up with that line after dumping a huge load of books by the cash register at the Book Warehouse near my mother's house. These remainder bookstores are great places to get quality books at 20% - 80% off. Most run around half price. They also carry materials aimed at the school market that you don't see at the remainder tables of regular bookstores.

When I went to get the link I saw they've recently opened an online store. Unfortunately it's an Amazon z-shop, which means credit cards only. I hope they change up so that they can accept checks, like the brick-and-mortar stores do.


JC from NC said...

I suppose a check-cashing card isn't something offered by your bank? Or is there another reason you wouldn't want one?
The other option is to get a "pre-paid" VISA, although you end up losing some small amount of money to fees. I'm not sure how available that would be in your area -- the CoinStar machines in my area used to offer them but don't any more. Personally, I love my VISA check card, except for when I stick a charge on it and then forget to go back and update my checkbook register. :)

Lioness said...

I have a debit card. It gets used about twice a year, when I absolutely positively can't avoid it. I have a visceral aversion to credit and plastic money. I'm a compulsive worrywart, and I sleep better at night when I know where my money is.

COD said...

We make the 2 hour trek to this book fair once or twice a year. I'd guess we usually come home with at least 100 books.

You could roadtrip ;)