Monday, August 22, 2005

The girls didn't sleep well last night and were very fussy this morning due to the heat. I thought about canceling lessons, but once we got started they calmed down. It also helped that we started with a Tree of Life meditation. I try to do that every homeschool day, but we're still getting back in the groove.

Singapore Math got one step closer to introducing Brighteyes to word problems today, with word-picture problems where one factor was in writing and another factor was in the picture. She got the right answers but wasn't used to setting up the problems, so we called it quits after two of them.

Sunshine still hasn't gotten tired of traceable pages with sentances about her on them yet. Brighteyes decided to start Draw Write Now She had a lot of fun drawing the hen, and she didn't mind doing the writing afterwards. Sunshine drew one as well. Then Brighteyes spent an hour going over every lesson in that book. I think she's looking forward to them.

I read "The Pied Piper of Hamlin". Actually I read it twice, reading a verse, stopping to explain it, and reading it again. We got out the globe and looked up Germany, which Brighteyes noticed was beside Switzerland. She wanted to know if that meant Hamlin was beside Treasure Valley from "The King of the Golden River". Then Brighteyes worked on a penpal letter and we read about Neanderthal life, which she found very different from a video she'd seen on a sleepover.

Lessons were over by noon, then came lunch and sprinkler play. Either the day is getting cooler or they're getting more used to the heat, because they were willing to play more outside and even got out their pump rockets. It's supposed to start getting cooler tonight, but we've hard that line before.

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JC from NC said...

Y'know, I hear "King of the Golden River" and my mind immediately flashes to Terry Pratchett and the character of "Piss Harry". :) I believe you run into him in "The Truth, if memory serves.