Sunday, January 12, 2014

Evolving Into High School

As my older children enter their teenage years our homeschooling is evolving to keep up with them. Their reading requirements have skyrocketed, and for that we got a Nook Glowlight for Christmas.  It's our first modern "handheld" and has quickly become the most fought-over item in the house.

Unfortunately it doesn't make the increasing length of the reports any less intimidating.  I try to tell them it's the mental equivalent of learning a cartwheel, but so far all that's got me are glares.

We're also adding more DVDs into the mix.   They're watching The Standard Deviants series and practicing note-taking with it.  It would have seemed grossly unfair to my teen-self to start learning note-taking with a series you can start and stop yourself and take as long as you want to write things down, but you have to start somewhere.  Besides the SD series manages to pack half a college-level Biology 101 course into a two-hour lecture interspersed with jokes, so they must have intended it to be stopped.

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