Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Season 2014

Actually got my husband to make his annual step inside a mall the week before Christmas.  We went to the Riverchase Galleria in Birmingham, which was --- okay, but am I the only one who remembers when malls were for everybody?  That newfangled "exclusivity" has a lot to do with why I can't get my husband to set foot in one more than once a year.  It also isn't helping their sales; all we could find that interested us were a couple of used video games and a block of cheese.

Stopped at a Chinese buffet.  The food was a bit dry, and two days later the girls and I came down with raging intestinal bugs.  Thank goodness it didn't get the youngest.  Not eating there again.

Got my very first e-reader for Christmas.  It's a Nook Glow Light.  Now I have to learn how to use it.  So far all it does is show me different pictures of trees.  I could use some light reading.  I've had to ingest too many searingly difficult psychology books lately.

Before my insides crashed I was using the video game Walk It Out to help with my insomnia.  Most other exercise games require a modicum of coordination, but I can stomp around this thing bleary-eyed at 3am and actually make some progress.

Here's hoping we all get better in time for New Year's.

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