Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Favorite Geek Quote of the Week

An exasperated Paul Cornell, one of the writers on the revitalized Doctor Who, responding to complaints from some older fans about the romantic elements that have been added to the show, "People! Armies of teenage girls raving about Doctor Who used to be a distant dream. Let's not blow it now!"

No, make that my Favorite Geek Quote of All Time. It just says so much about where geek culture came from and how it's matured (or sometimes not).


Stephanie in TX said...

That. Is. Brilliant!

John Campbell Rees said...

The days when RTD can include a line like She read a website about the Doctor, and she's a SHE?" are now thankfully well in the past.

Lioness said...

It's hysterically funny to me. I went to a women's university in the late 80s that had a huge Doctor Who fan club. Half my girlfriends had Baker scarves. So the idea of DW as some sort of boys' club just doesn't register with me.