Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Summer Not-So Fun

KVETCH WARNING: serious kvetching ahead. You have been warned. But will you listen? People never do...

Summer got off to a rotten start. The Library's Summer Reading Program was a total bust. In the entire program, nobody read the children a single book. Only once did one of their "special guests" actually show up, most times nobody did anything with the children who were present.

This year's Catholic Charities program was run by the First Grade Teacher From Hell (retired). She herded the children through a terrible reading program without first determining if they needed it or not, whose high point was showing them the same online programs we already use. Sunshine got so stressed she started throwing up.

All the children's clubs, classes, and programs that we and people we know of have tried to start have fallen through.

We replumbed the bathroom, replaced all the polybuterate pipe and the plastic sink last week. The new sink's stopper broke it's drain pipe tonight. Talk about poor engineering.

The air conditioner broke and was sending a waterfall into the house before we replumbed IT.

My husband needs some linen cord for a project. He called around and found out that the Irish factory that made it had been bought up by an American conglomerate and shut down three days before he made the call. "222 years in business, and the week I want to buy something they go under", he muttered.

We won't be able to make this summer's Mississippi Homeschool Conference due to scheduling conflicts with his job.

The summer training program his school district wants him to take just got rescheduled for Brighteyes' birthday.

We advertised for sales positions for a business we're trying to start up. 25 people called in to answer the ad. None of them showed up for an interview.

Aaand the DVD remote has vanished.

All of which has me feeling pretty blue. The only bright spot so far has been the tiny local annual rodeo last week. I'll try to post that story soon.



Anonymous said...

Dear Lioness,
Boy, what a tuff time y'all are having. I hope things get better soon. Do you need some sewing therapy? Sew something beautiful for yourself. You deserve it.

Lioness said...

Thanks. Haven't had the time or energy to sew. :(

Anonymous said...

Very pretty site! Keep working. thnx!