Thursday, July 13, 2006

Pst: Aren't You Supposed to be Posting About Homeschooling?

I am posting about homeschooling! Right now we're taking some time off to homeschool with Dr. Who.

Besides, I've got these utterly depressing posts I'm working on about fundamentalist Christian homeschoolers and new state public school teaching guidelines. I need to remind myself that sensible people still exist somewhere in this world.


Heidi said...

Just keep going with the Dr. Who.
We saw them on Sci Fi Channel earlier this year, but I like you recaps.

I've heard lines from different shows creeping into my daughter's(6.9) playtime scenarios.

Imagine what one could do with a TARDIS. The storage abilities alone really grab my attention.

Lioness said...

Mom read Gothic romances back when they were fashionable. She'd brought one home that had all the standard elements: pretty young English governess, handsome stranger, little kids, sinister villain, etc. At one point the girl had to sneak the kids past a wooded area.

"Pretend you've got to sneak past wild Indians."

"What? Nobody does that anymore."

"All right, pretend you've got to sneak past Dalaks."


I fell out of my chair laughing. Mom never got the joke.

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