Saturday, March 11, 2006

Public School Reality Check

Yesterday another local homeschooler told me she was nervous that she might "fail" to teach her six year-old son how to read. I mentioned that we have a 16 year-old "mother's helper" (in-house babysitter) who comes over to play with our girls sometimes. She's not coming over much these days, as she's working hard to get a scholarship. She's near the top of her high school class.

I've heard her read to my girls, and seen Brighteyes take the book from the teen to read it herself. She's 16 and can't read as well as our six year-old can. I found out last week she's been telling this story in public too, bragging about our daughters for us.

When a 16 year-old who is near the top of her high school class can't read as well as a six year-old, even a gifted six year-old, the local school system has already failed the teenager several times over. As I told my friend, a homeschooling mother would have to really work at it to fail her child worse than that.

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