Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It's a pretty day, and Brighteyes wants to play outside. I insist we do three lessons first: Math, Latin, and Literature. The others can wait for another day.

Brighteyes is having trouble with double-digit addition. When I ask her to double-check an answer, she slams her pencil down and says, "I can't do anything with you glowering at me!"

I laugh and give her a delighted hug. "Congratulations, honey! I don't know any other 6 year-olds who even know the word "glowering", let alone can use it in a sentence."

She relaxes. Five minutes later Math is done.

I think it's called "discipline", yes?


COD said...

You would have been done in 4 minutes if you'd pulled out the plumbing supplies ;)

Lioness said...

I'd have 40 years of payback when she's older.

JC from NC said...

You'd better watch out, otherwise the Mother's Curse ("I hope when you're a parent, you have a child that acts just like you!") is going to have to be called the Mother's Blessing instead. :)