Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Wiccan Homeschooler Denied Medical Care by Christian Doctor

A prudent young homeschooled woman who had just turned 18 and started dating went to a doctor to get birth control pills. She had no intention to lose her virginity, but didn't want to take unnecessary chances. He refused her a prescription and gave her a 20 minute lecture on why she should choose Jesus instead. He did charge her the full price for the visit though.

This is outrageous. Excuse me, but isn't an 18 year old an adult? And any young person who waits until he or she turns 18 to start dating is not exactly a libertine. Nor is it a sign of immorality to be prepared for all contingencies, up to and including rape. That's what they used to call a responsible person.


JC from NC said...

So if she had been a Christian what would his excuse have been? Oh, wait, I know -- a real Christian woman wouldn't be looking for birth control.

COD said...

She has to take a large part of the blame here. Nobody should walk into a doctor's office without doing a lot of research on the doctor, practice, history of complaints, etc. Doctors fall along a bell curve just like the rest of us.

Lioness said...

True Chris, but how many 18yos realize that?

Cavalor Epthith said...

All over this. A suitably frisky tail flick to you is given in the body of my article for the suggestion.

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Nicholas said...

I wonder if she could refuse to pay the bill, on the ground that he did not provide her medical services, nor any legal or medical reasons why the services she wanted could not be provided? It might not be prudent to be obstreporous that way, true, but I wonder how a court would rule if it came to that.