Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Oh noes! Am I a good/bad woman by Republican standards? :P

Conservatives tend to have unwritten rulebooks that supercede what they say out loud.  But unwritten rules can contradict each other.  Case in point -- me.

For various reasons I'm currently homeschooling my children as a stay-at-home mom.  Traditionally conservatives have loved women who stayed home with their kids instead of getting jobs.  Traditionally they also favored homeschooling.  They think such women will vote for them.  So even though I'm an elitist Green Party Pagan snob and one of Santorum's "smart people (who) will never be on our side", their first inclination is to see me as a good person.

But because I am a stay-at-home mom, I don't earn enough to pay federal income taxes.

Oh noes!  Suddenly I and every other SAHM (including Ann Romney) are bad people!  We don't pay taxes!  We rely on handouts!  We'll never vote Republican or be invited to join the country club!   Unless of course our husband owns the damn club....

And I'm bad because, since I'm not paying federal income taxes, I'm not taking personal responsibility for myself!  Because I'm doing frivolous things instead like -- taking personal responsibility for my children's education?

So good woman, bad woman, which am I by Republican standards based on my occupation?  I don't personally care, but it shows how seriously Romney is out of touch even with his own party, let alone the country as a whole.

And to the senior citizens I heard today who said, "He didn't really mean us," yes he did.  And the disabled, the veterans, the students, and the soldiers as well as the domestic partners.  He really did mean us all.


Daryl Cobranchi said...

File jointly. Then you'll be all good. :-)

Lioness said...

I do. :) Doesn't change the fact that Mitty's going out of his way to find exciting new ways to piss on me.

The more I learned about McCain in 2008 the more I respected him. Even if I thought he was the wrong man for the job, I still respected him. The more I learn about Romney, the more he disgusts me.

Anonymous said...

Hubby and I are elitist Green Party Pagan snobs too.

And, yup, I'm a stay-at-home homeschooling mom. Oh, and I maintain a job... if writing fiction and getting paid for it counts as a job. But, no, I don't pay taxes on my book royalties. I just don't earn enough on them.

However, I must be a bad, horrible person not contributing anything to society, while married to some random troop in the Air Force.

Oh, and hubby's enlistment is about to end, thus transitioning him from active duty to veteran, so he can attend veterinary school and become an animal doc. Therefore, I'll go back to work outside the home to make up for the fact that the VA and GI Bill take forever to pay on education benefits (which includes an allowance for housing/cost of living).

Yup. No personal responsibility on my part whatsoever, first being a SAHM, then daring to NOT pressure my husband stay in the Air Force, but instead insisting that he should be free to pursue his dreams. ;)

Lioness said...

Wendy, one thing is clear. Either we've got our heads screwed on wrong, or they've got their heads screwed on wrong. I don't think it's us. :P