Friday, June 22, 2012

Computer Geek's Question Time: Nook Tablet

I want something that will connect with wifi when I travel, basically so I can check into a hotel, hook up the wifi, surf local restaurant reviews, and get directions to obscure places the front desk has never heard of.  Anything that relies on the cloud for storage, like Kindle Fire, is out because I also go to places in the countryside that don't have any wifi access at all, but I'd like to still be able to use what's stored on my machine.

I tried a Nook Tablet in B&N, and immediately ran into problems with the browser.  I couldn't scroll past the bottom of the screen to see what was on the rest of the webpage, and I couldn't get the keyboard to pull up every time I wanted it.  Both problems are sale breakers.

Is there any way I can either fix these problems or install a workable browser on the Nook Tablet?  Or is there some other machine I should be looking at instead?


Daryl Cobranchi said...

Why not buy a real laptop? Decent machines can be had for $300. They all have WiFi, large HDD, and can run your favorite browser?

Lioness said...

Because my husband used to teach Computer Design and Repair. Every time a cheap laptop broke, he had to explain to the owner how it wasn't built to be repaired.

Anonymous said...

Netbooks are less expensive than laptops... like tablets with a keyboard and traditional scrolling capabilities. Granted the same 'not to be repaired' mentality exists but were tablets really built to be repaired? I've had the same samsung for two years *faint* and it's been dropped, spilled on, sat on, shut in the car door and it's still ticking! (Knock on Wood)