Monday, October 24, 2011

If I had a tail it would be twitching.

Something's making me uncomfortable in my skin. Jostling me, trying to stir up old discontents. I've been fighting down the urge to rant on various and sundry topics for weeks now. (Admittedly, I also don't have the time.) But the feeling is starting to grow past the "rant" stage and into the "startle at strange noises" stage.


Stacey said...

I think just about the whole country feels that way. I can feel your pain!
On a positive note, I have followed your blog and your story since the catastrophe last year, and I find you and your family very inspiring! We're homeschoolers too, but our kids are only 5 and 2, and my husband is the teacher while I work full time. I wouldn't change it for the world.

I hope you find some resolution to your discomfort!

Lioness said...

Thank you Stacey! :)