Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why Don't These Things Come With Locks? Or Even Doors?

Open plan kitchen vs. toddler.

The toddler always wins.



FlybabyInMaine said...

I hear you! My kitchen, hallway, living room and play room are all connected with open arches... can you say RACE TRACK?? LOL

Red said...

Hi, I enjoyed reading the stories of your life because I have been through a similar situation with DHS and I have a lot of empathy for your family. I was recently considering moving back to Ms., and was wondering if you could answer a question for me. I am trying to find out if home schooled children in MS. have to be vaccinated. I know it is the only state besides West Virginia that does not allow for phil. or religious exemption. I hope to hear from you, Thanks, Red

Lioness said...

Hi Red. Currently the only legal requirement on MS homeschoolers is that you "take attendance", with no specifications on how that is done.

Back in the 80s, MS was the only state that didn't have mandatory attendance law. When they wrote the mandatory attendance law, they not only wrote in that homeschooling was legal, they wrote in that any restriction placed on homeschoolers besides "taking attendance" would automatically negate the statewide mandatory attendance law on all other children. Mess with homeschoolers, lose the mandatory attendance law. So far there has been no successful attempt to modify the law.