Thursday, October 14, 2010

When Hell Came to Our Home October 14 Update

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We emailed the FBI and some support and media outlets today. Please suggest anyone you can think of.

ETA: I'm Debbie Byrd Shinn. The women who contacted me who said they were from DHS named themselves Patti Young, Natasha Ivory, and Joyce Cook. None of those names are in the MS Employee registery:

Ever since the activity started at the trailer next door, dh smelled a lot of ammonia and organic solvents in the evening. He originally put it down to remodeling. He also remembers being asked if he could show somebody how to "cook something" last year. "Cook what?" he asked puzzled.

Here is a letter my husband prepared for the FBI. Please forward it to any parties who might be interested:

Over the last several weeks my wife has been the subject of an harassment campaign.

She has blogged this at

Most of this happens when I am not at home.

This began with a daylight breaking and entry, and what was suggested by the county attorney to be an attemptedkidnapping of our son. And the telephone went dead 1 hour before all this. (No reply from PSC.)

Deputy Jimmy Rappe,in no uniform, but acting as such still, refused to look at the door, but told my wife DHS would respond; he was interested only in the child being out of the house, and told her not to lock the door.

The sheriff’s dept. knows about the evidence of the break-in, but have never picked it up from the Okolona police.

DHS blames my wife for letting the baby out of the house, as if this break-in never happened. The county attourney even suggested this was an attempted kidnapping; we have asked him as well to have this investigated.

One day after that when my family was with relatives in another county, Chris Ware Chickasaw SD, called me at work,that there was an emergency at my house, that some of my family were inside injured, and no one would come to thedoor. I told him no one was at home. He and DHS said they did not believe me. I said if anyone was in my house, they had broken in, and asked Ware to investigate the windows and doors – he refused. Okolona police recommended we get a civil rights attorney at this point, but none up here will take our case.

More items of harassment came in a steady trickle as we tried to find a way to move.

Saturday, Oct. 9, 2010, our home was entered shortly after we left. About 45 minutes after we left, 3:27 pm,someone called my telephone, and a stranger inside picked up. They discussed and viewed my wife’s medical records,which we found by the telephone. Our attorney did not want us to report this, and it does seem a little pointless since an Okolona policeman thinks one of the voices is Jimmy Rappe, of the Chickasaw SD.

His mother lives next door (see the trailer story following) and has made threatening statements before.

Please read her further descriptions and help us end this harassment.

I suspect something is going on over at the trailer near us; it was almost abandoned until about 2 months ago.

I have smelled ammonia and strong organic solvents (I have a degree in chemistry) from that direction since.

One night, several people came down, turned off the outside light, carried boxes into the pitch-black interior, then emerged with even more boxes, coming down steps and loading these into vehicles in total darkness. Something is going on.

We have removed from the house, as we deem it no longer safe.

Please, please, read her further descriptions and help us end this harassment.

Thank you,

Robert Shinn, Ph.D.


Andrea R said...

your husband's a chemist, right? Any way he can get soil samples and send them in?

Start taking pictures. Hidden camers are cheaper all the time. Yay for contacting the FBI. Also contact ATF - guys, it looks like local law enforcement is running drugs.

This is dangerous and I'm sure I don't have to tell you that. This isn't so much harassment as trying to make you all go away. If you have to sacrifice the chickens for your family's safety then do so.

Daryl Cobranchi said...

A friend suggested you contact DEA - New Orleans Division (504) 840-1100.

Lindaguitar said...


Hi. I am a liberal/progressive unschooling mom in Ga. I got a link to your blog from an unschooling list.

I just read about this ordeal you've been going through. It sounds very scary, and I agree with whoever suggested that someone is doing something drug-related in that trailer next door, and some cops/sheriffs are in on it, and they're all trying to make you move away.

When I think of Mississippi, I think of right-wing, racist, KKK types and corrupt police and government. I know it's just a stereotype based on a few movies and TV shows, but I can't help but wonder if those are the types of people who have been using the trailer next door to you.

Do you have any proof that any of the women who claimed to be from the DHS really are? Have you ever seen any ID from any of them, or *anything* in writing from DHS?

Whatever you do, if you move, do NOT give your next address to any of these people. In fact, don't even leave your new address as a forwarding address for the post office. Use a post office box.

Have you considered hiring a private investigator? That might be your best bet. A PI is not likely to be part of any corruption going on in the sheriff's department or the county DHS.

Wish I could do something to help.

Linda, in Atlanta

rowan said...

I have just read your terrifying story. Someone suggested calling New Orleans. While we certainly have experience with that sort of thing down here, I think it would be a jurisdiction problem. Perhaps state level DEA? Does MS have one as well? Ya'll are pretty far in northern Mississippi, if the map I saw is correct. State level might be a better way to go. Good idea getting the FBI involved and I second the idea of getting ATF involved as well. So very, very sorry for your harrowing experience. Please know that not all Southern conservative type people are like this. Sending healing thoughts and wishes to you. And prayers as well, if you will have them.

Kay said...
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Kay said...

Sorry the last link did not come out well. I'll try again.

DEA Offices & Telephone Nos.

Green Pearl of Wisdom said...
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Lindaguitar said...

Hi - you haven't updated your blog in about a week now. Is everything OK?

Ivyfree said...

Glad your husband mentioned kidnaping. That was the first thing that came to my mind, somebody took your child. It doesn't matter that they didn't hold her to ransom, they still kidnapped ehr, and this is a Federal offense. Is there a state federal attorney you can contact?