Monday, March 03, 2008

March 2008 Update On the Girls.


We're starting over again on Minimus. It's a refresher for Brighteyes, but Sunshine needs it more. I had hoped both girls would precede at the same pace, but that's not to be.


Brighteyes is working through Singapore 3 without any real problems. Sunshine is having trouble adding and subtracting above 10. She doesn't want to give up her fingers yet, even though she knows how to use the abacus. I'm printing her out worksheets from for extra practice.

Spelling, Handwriting, Grammar

All going fine. Sunshine is through with her handwriting book and currently practices with Draw, Write, Now at the end of lessons. While Brighteyes inherited her father's command of the pencil, Sunshine has inherited my lack of command of the pencil. She's coming along with her handwriting with practice. I hope we'll show the same improvement with art eventually.

Brighteyes is working in First Language Lessons Volume 3. I really like the way these lessons integrate sentence diagramming into the lessons, teaching the parts of a sentence by teaching their place on the diagram. That makes so much more sense than the way my husband and I were taught grammar in grade school.

The importance of these skills really sank in to us this year. My husband is teaching a remedial test prep class at the high school. He began by spending two weeks teaching the parts of speach and sentance diagramming. The students had never been taught either skill before. They hated every minute of it! Why wasn't he teaching them math, which was on the test, instead of this garbage which wasn't on the test? They tried to sneak out at every opportunity, and he constantly had to round them up. But when they were tested after the first two weeks, every one of them had jumped a letter grade higher. It turned out grammar was on the test after all in every problem. Those poor kids had literally not been taught enough grammar to properly understand the questions they were supposed to answer.


Back at it.

Literature, Science, Art

Not back at it. I have hopes for it as soon as Sunshine stops throwing a tantrum at the start of every lesson. Brighteyes went through the same stage at that age. I hope Sunshine will also leave it behind when she turns 7.


Sunshine is working through her beloved Doggie Sticker Book and happily reads aloud the description of each dog.


Brighteyes has started on Mind Benders. At 8 1/2 she seems a bit young to me, but she is eating them up, completing 3 or 4 3-square logic problems a day. So, I'm ordering her the beginning set and the first Cranium Crackers book. That ought to keep her busy for a while. Sunshine is chomping at the bit to begin the Mind Benders Warmup, but I told her she had to finish first grade math before that.


Right now we're splitting lessons. We work in the mornings until lunch, then resume after a 4pm snack. It's working for now.


JC from NC said...

It's good to see you posting again, although according to your post title this is information from last year. :D

Gosh, don't those girls of yours know they're not supposed to be able to handle math and logic without it overheating their brains or something? (/sarcasm) I really hope they decide to do the same excellent job on their future children's educations as you've done with theirs. Keep up the good work.

Nicholas D. Rosen said...

Students unable to do word problems because they don't understand grammar -- I can believe it. As a physics teaching assistant, I had people who couldn't begin to do the problems because they didn't understand the words.