Sunday, September 10, 2006

Celtic Fest 2006

We went to Celtic Fest this weekend. It was a bit disappointing. There was Irish singing and dancing for hours, but there wasn't anything else. The Highland games and other events that the festival used to boast about were gone. There was hardly even any vendors, to the disappointment of many people. They'd be better off changing their name to Celtic Music Fest and not getting people's hopes up.

While we were there we took in the
Mississippi Museum of Natural Science and the Small Town exhibit at the Mississippi Agriculture & Forestry Museum. There wasn't anything else to do except sunburn.


Audrey said...

Bummer. Well, maybe you can have hope for next year.

Anonymous said...

My deaer lioness, perhaps your mane was in your eyes. I have worked at Celtic Fest for the past several years (more than I care to admit) and always find more than music. This year there is a new feature, a workshop in Irish language. The Highland Games you missed were never part of Celtic Fest, but were sponsored by another group with a less enduring life that CHS. Perhaps if you decide to try again, you will look past the obvious and find what will engage your mind.