Monday, February 13, 2006

We've had colds last week, so I haven't felt like doing an update for a while.

Sunshine is really taking off in math. I would show her how to do one page of Singapore Earlybird 1b, turn around to help Brighteyes, turn back around and Sunshine would have done the next 10 pages. She finished that workbook in under 2 weeks. We've started on Jumbo Jumpstart Kindergarten, and she's going through it almost as fast. Her writing is much clearer as well. The main problem is taking the workbook away from her before her hand gives out and her handwriting goes down the tubes.

We're starting out with the abacus workbook, on simple Montesori style sorting and recognition math games that Brighteyes and Sunshine can play together. I like them, but Sunshine sometimes enjoys playing them and sometimes doesn't. "Cooperative play" is a concept she's working on.

Brighteyes now has enough stamina to do Draw Write Now once a week without tiring out and spazzing out, so it is back on our Friday lineup.

We got some Teaching Company DVDs recently. I'll review them in a few days. I'm still worn out from the cold.

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