Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Paleontology of Oz

Brighteyes wants to know if "Homo Sapiens Munchkin" (her term) were shorter than modern humans but taller than ancient humans.


"What the Boy chiefly dabbled in was natural history and fairy tales, and he just took them as they came, in a sandwhichy sort of way, without making any distinctions; and really his course of reading strikes one as rather sensible." - Kenneth Grahame, "The Reluctant Dragon"


Anonymous said...

Since the Munchkins were played by real dwarves in the movie, you might use this as an occasion to explain to her about people who are born Little People.


Lioness said...

I thought about that, and about getting into race and ethnicity. But the Munchkins in the stories are faries, and clearly labelled as a different breed from humans. I think I'll just let it go this time.