Monday, June 27, 2005

Mississippi Mud

My daughters have a book on _Crafts from Nature_. It's written for 9-12 year olds and is way too old for them, but I found it on sale and thought I would tuck it back until they were older. Wrong. It's been a hit since the first day the 5yo saw it.

Last week she was pouring over instructions on how to find and make your own clay. Her Daddy said, "The backyard is nothing but clay, and I just dug a ditch!" (Unfortunately for our plants, the native "soil" really is 95% clay.) Daddy and the girls spent the next two days making and cleaning slip which is currently settling under the blacksmith's forge so the 4yo won't knock it over again. The girls are impatiently awaiting the chance to make and fire their own pinch pots. It seems that they've discovered that wonderful worlds lie inside instruction books. I'm thrilled. My husband thinks I should be very, very afraid.

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